Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seven Eight Nine Ten Of Wands

The final four numbered Wands:


The Seven of Wands means having confidence in one's self. The number seven is indicative of solitary quests, and with the Seven Of Wands there may be opposition but finding the confidence to overcome it should not be a problem.
If you draw The Seven Of Wands it can mean having an advantage, confidence, a personal challenge, facing difficulty, and/or knowing you can beat the odds.


The Eight Of Wands is about intensity and/or a highly charged situation. There is a lot of energy gathered and focused creating a great deal of heat.
If you draw the Eight Of Wands it indicates action happening quickly and with force. It can sometimes indicate an angry situation or sometimes it is just hot news or a lot of focus on one subject usually involving more than one person.


The Nine Of Wands is about completion, persistence, endurance and experience. The situation is not necessarily over, but a maximum has been reached.
If you draw the Nine Of Wands a project or endeavour has matured, been completed, or there is a willingness to face the future being fully prepared, no surprises.


The Ten Of Wands is about being overwhelmed or overburdened. There is a strong sense of duty associated with this card as in a sense of duty can often be a burden, but must be faced even if its not the most desirable action.
If you draw the Ten Of Wands it can mean a feeling of obligation motivates the situation and it is more than likely with reluctance that any action will be taken.

The above cards are from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot published by Magic Realist Press.

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