Monday, March 24, 2014

The New Website

Although it is not fully complete, the new website titled The Crow's Fjord is now up and running! The 'design' and 'mythology' sections are not yet complete but you can order a t-shirt or poster from me there! I also have a blog element to accompany the website The Crow's Fjord Blog which will have topics of interest to Norse/Anglo-Saxon design and mythology.

The Crow's Fjord website

I would be glad to hear any feedback regarding the look or functionality of the website, the blog or anything else for the matter. The project is ongoing and I will update the website when I have new material!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Coming Soon...

I sell my designs on Red Bubble as well as directly through me. Some lovely staff member at Red Bubble saw my shirt rolling off the dryer in their Colorado office and snatched a photo for me.

Oh yes! and I have a new website called The Crow's Fjord coming March 01, 2014. Watch for it! I will post the link.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toronto on the Downward Spiral

I'm practically speechless about this buffoon of a mayor that insists on embarrassing those of us in Toronto proper (as opposed to his supporters from the suburban fringes) ad nauseam. An article from the New York Times sums it up nicely (the Toronto papers are too exasperated to be coherent):
TORONTO — JUST the other day, a definitive Toronto image was making the rounds on Twitter. One of the turnstiles in the subway system had broken and no guards were around, so passengers had left their tickets and change in a small pile on the side. I live in an absurdly law-abiding, rule-following city. There’s one major exception: the mayor. He smokes crack. He said so on Tuesday. Twice. (read more here)
I hang my head in shame...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Uninvited Guest

Have you listened to Uninvited Guest?

I think they are a most awesome band.

I've been listening to them on my iPod for over a year now. They've been around since 2000, went through some member shifts, even disbanded for a while but are back. I'd like to show a better video, but this is all I could find. They are on Facebook and Reverbnation though. You can listen to much more there.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ghost

The Ghost
from Thirteen Black Roses: Gothic Romantic Poetry by Christopher Courtley

As I walk the sodden banks of this river of human souls
That hurry onward to their common destiny
I observe them as they say their lines and play their little roles
And dance to the tune of a tragic symphony.

I haunt your world like a ghost mourning the life it lost
A shadow watching from the corners of your envied existence
For I cannot cross the river you have crossed
And so there lies between us an infinite distance.

But sometimes in the ocean depths of your eyes
I can see the shimmer of a shining yesterday
Like something you just couldn't exorcise
That left its silver lining amid the grey.

As through this carnival of souls I move unhurried
The baggage of my former life left far behind
Gone but not forgotten, though deeply buried
A priceless treasure none will ever find.

In the masked and painted faces of the figures passing by
I read a thousand books that say the same damned thing
A thousand different ways, and with a lonely sigh
I seek the solace solitude will bring.

So here I stand alone, and here alone I stay
I cannot enter your world, nor will you enter mine
My one remaining hope is that one day
They will once again collide and recombine.

And sometimes in the ocean depths of your eyes
I can see the shimmer of a shining yesterday
Like something you just couldn't exorcise
That left its silver lining amid the grey.

My very talented friend Chris wrote this poem. It is haunting me this evening. It has touched my soul. I am broken today, open, weeping. My father, I discover, has stage 4 lung cancer. He has been given 3-5 years to live. Radiation and chemotherapy.

I am at work when I find out. It is lunch time. I put down the phone. It does not hit me right away. 10 minutes later I am overwhelmed. I am open. I understand. He won't live to be an old man like my grandfather and his grandfather.

He smoked two packs a day. None of us are surprised. Still, it hits me. He is only 68 this year. I hope he gets the 5 years. I want him to know all about my life. I want to tell him all the things I never told him. I want us to be on the same side of the river.

The thing I know is that I weep for knowing the ending.

You can read more of Chris's lovely poetry by downloading his book for free at Smashwords.