Hi I'm Camille.

I'm also Stephanie. This is not to confuse you but I was named Stephanie by my mother and father. I was told this was the result of me being a girl because my father had his heart set on the name Stephen, so they compromised. In 1990 or 91, I decided I wanted the name Camille. Somehow, I got it to stick for the longest time, so in fact I am now mostly known online as S. Camille Crawford.

All the artwork on this blog is done by me, unless it is labeled otherwise. Don't steal the images or one of two things will happen to you... 1) you will be struck down by Thor in the night and your naked rotting corpse will be displayed for an eternity in a jar of formaldehyde on my mantle... or 2) I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick pins in places you wouldn't want me to.

I USED to work in film and animation as an editor but right now I'm unemployed and have a lot of time and right now I'm employed so I don't have a lot of time on my hands. This could mean trouble. For you or me, I'm not sure.

I am Heathen, which means I practice the religion of Asatru.

I don't like things that are fluffy... unless they are my black, my black cat, or any colour of sheep wool.

I collect Tarot decks. I am currently creating my own deck which I'll talk about here on this blog. Please keep the above threatening statements in mind when you view the images.

I like desperate and despairing music; classical metal industrial or a combination of those. I've also grown to appreciate many other types of music, so one never knows.

I like to talk about philosophy, psychology, new economic models and nature.

I'm single. I'll probably always be single as I have a fear of intimacy malady. I'm working on it.

Leave me a comment and I will answer it. Tell me what you love. Tell me what you hate. Tell me about yourself. Invite me to look at your blog but make sure to let me know who you are. Anonymous comments will self-destruct and a curse will be placed upon you.