Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ace Two Three Of Wands

I'm reluctant to talk about my knowledge of the tarot because really, who's listening? There are hundreds if not thousands of new age sites out there giving you free tarot or psychic readings, telling you to record your dreams and wrap your pillow in lavender for a stress free sleep, to meditate on the good things in your life and stop being negative etc etc blah blah.

Darkness is often represented as a bad thing and at best, something that needs light shed on it.  So I'm reluctant to unveil a massive can of worms by beginning a conversation about the dark side of the tarot. But what I don't see out there is anyone else talking about it. Just in pictures. And this is important.  I feel there needs to be a voice coming from the darkness that knows what it's talking about. So what the hell.

 I have been attracted to the darkness all of my life. At the same time, I have trivialized it by going rogue hippie on it for a longish period. I blame this on fear. It was easier to smell the roses, get high and chill, than to really look at myself or the feeling I had of being powerless to do anything about a corrupt system that I myself was part of. But I have those days to thank for my study of tarot. But that's where the relation between tarot and hippie-dom end, at least on this blog.

I've studied the tarot for over 20 years. It's probably close to 23, but who's counting. I no longer read the cards via the little booklets that come with the deck, nor do I often refer to the larger compilations of wisdom put together by other tarot experts. But don't get me wrong, I have read them. I've internalized the tarot's universal symbolism. Enough. I chatter. I reluctantly begin my expose of the symbolism of the tarot. 
And so it begins,
in the darkness,
there is a spark:


The suit of Wands represents the element of fire and fire represents passion, creativity, raw energy, and sexuality. The Ace of Wands is the purest form of these qualities and often means the very beginning of something new.
If you draw the Ace of Wands it can mean a new idea has formed, a spark of creativity, the beginning of a venture, or an opportunity.


The Two of Wands is about planning. After the initial spark of energy from the Ace, the Two represents taking that idea to another level. There is desire here, but without the confidence of knowing what to do with the increasing energy, there is a sense of dissatisfaction.
If you draw the Two of Wands it means preparations are being made, planning, brainstorming, envisioning the future, wanting something more, speculating, or longing.


The Three Of Wands is about the collective, the formation of a wheel that puts energy in motion. At this stage more than one person would be involved in a transformational process that attempts to create something where nothing existed before.
If you draw the Three Of Wands a process is in motion. There may be some wait time before results appear but know that the plan is moving forward, or the process has been activated in some way.

That's it for now. The cards displayed here are from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot produced by Magic Realist Press. I highly recommend them.

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Vincent said...

It's funny we should connect at this time. I feel like I'm on the verge of a new style and my mind feels like what you described in the first three wands.

On a more concrete note, thanks for following me. I appreciate the support.