Thursday, December 9, 2010

nOiZeGaRdEn - "Love Me Two Times" (DOORS Cover)

Saluting Jim Morrison on his birthday (December 8, 1943 — July 3, 1971) by my friend Pain of a doom

What Pain (廢人) The Keyboard Player has to say about himself:

This is my personal page for my past live archives & bands / Artists I shot myself. I only shoot Artists that totally rules in MY view. My band activities are on separate page. Find "a doom" and "KOM-POUND" ......
About Me:
a DARK evil edgy grumpy selfish impulsive obssesive depressive creative destructive moody gloomy anti-religious anti-Xtian non-alcoholic non-smoking caffeine-addicted horny horny horny horny total fucking Art & Music maniac.

Thanks Pain... its very cool.

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