Friday, December 3, 2010

Page Knight Queen King Of Wands

These are the court cards; archetypes used to represent actual people related to the situation and/or aspects and attitudes of the subject:


The Page Of Wands represents the maturing development of the active principle of Wands. Fire, passion, creativity and extroversion are all themes being explored by this young fresh mind.
If you draw the Page Of Wands expect active communication, enthusiastic creativity and/or communication along with some form of naivete or vulnerability.


The Knight Of Wands is the engagement of the active principle of Wands. There is an effective but not yet stable force for change influencing the situation.
If you draw the Knight Of Wands expect an active and charismatic force of passion, assertion, sexual interest, and/or creative flow.


With the Queen Of Wands we see the mature form of the active forces of passion and creativity. A confident and creative state of being is present.
If you draw the Queen Of Wands it can indicate openness, sexuality, grace, warmth, charisma and/or a flair for the dramatic.


The King Of Wands is the mature form of the active principle as with the Queen but expresses itself more assertively.
If you draw the King Of Wands it indicates a person or attitude that is confident, creative, and actively genuine.

The above cards are from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot published by Magic Realist Press.

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