Monday, December 6, 2010

A Perspective On Darkness Pt 2: The Christians

Understanding my thinking has to do with understanding my reason for living. Why now? Why descend into such darkness at this point in my life? No, I'm not depressed. But I easily could be if it weren't for the life goal I set for myself. The goal is simple - balance the overabundance of 'lightness' in the world with 'darkness.' Sound crazy? Certainly it doesn't sound achievable. But no matter.
As I said in an earlier post, there are few things I dislike more than organized religion. In my opinion most of the problems in western culture are the result of fundamental Christian belief which is taught as truth in our schools and is generally accepted and supported by the mainstream media; television, literature etc. The problems I refer to are the common ones; the global environmental crisis, cultural religious clashes, economic disparity, mass psychological sickness, and poverty to name a few.

Until recently I had a habit of employing a human coping mechanism common to many; addiction. I have the 'addictive' type personality that allows me to escape the helplessness I feel as a result of the injustice and mass insanity that occur around me and around the world by partaking in some activity which is designed to distract me from these troubling issues. If I didn't employ addiction as a coping mechanism, how on earth could I sleep at night?

There is a reason that the youth of the world are the most vocal about the injustices of war, capitalist greed, poverty, genocide, tyrannical government and so on. Youth have yet to resign themselves to the futility of trying to create actual change. I applaud their effort. I've been there. But they will soon realize that human civilization propels itself onward on a scale that is unfathomable and unstoppable. The 2nd human fall from grace (the 1st when we realize mom and dad are in fact not the Gods we felt they should be) happens when one realizes that 1, 10 or even 10,000 people marching to the drum of a self-righteous Christian lie can have little to no effect on a world of billions intent on destroying itself through denial of reality. The veil of Christianity creates self destructive behaviour on a massive scale. The problem is amplified by the fact that we are not only destroying ourselves, but while we are at that, we are destroying the world too.
Frankly I should be depressed. So should you. There has been little to bring me comfort in this world except knowing that something has to bring the Christians down. Their lies are perpetuated by popular belief to their self-righteous claims of salvation.

Western culture is afflicted with an inability to see light and dark, happy and sad, good and evil, along with most other polarities. Christianity recommends we only look at one side of the coin. The Christian gospel has smeared the legitimacy of the yin/yang principle. The dichotomy of shadow and light created by their one sided incorrect view of life's fundamental laws is causing a case of mass neglect that is practically invisible to western culture. Christianity, throughout its history, has managed to coerce conformity of populations, through deception and/or force. Christianity is now the biggest cult ever to reign in the history of the western civilization. This has largely gone unnoticed by almost everyone because there is something the Christians would prefer that you didn't know about. The Christian lies, their fear of the unknown, and the demonic terms they use to define this fear; evil, filth, debauchery.

Well, I have only one reason for living, and that is to take back the shadows, the lies, the dark aspects neglected, rejected.

Einstein wrote that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting different results. I figure it should take about a thousand years or so for this to catch on. But I don't care. I have no other good reason to live.


Vincent said...

Frankly I should be depressed. So should you.

The common conception is that depression, anger and other so-called negative emotions are to be avoided and treated as though they were diseases. Personally, I'm of the opinion that anger and depression are simply appropriate responses to the world we live in.

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