Monday, December 6, 2010

Seven Of Swords

Following a look at the suit of wands, a look at the suit of cups would be the logical next step, but I have an overwhelming urge to do something irrational which is really quite typical of me.

It is the time of the dark moon and a particularly good time for stealth so I'll talk about the Seven Of Swords.

Here are seven interpretations of the Seven Of Swords.  Some stem from the traditional Rider-Waite school of tarot, and others have a more unique interpretation. How interesting to amalgamate these interpretations and find a common theme, despite the differences. To see which deck they belong to hover your mouse over the card:

The Seven of Swords is about defining one's own path, of taking matters into one's own hands. The number seven represents personal quests and the element of air is represented by the suit of swords. Air, and therefore swords, deal with matters of academic interest, the intellect, clarity of thought, truth, and personal belief, even if those beliefs stray from commonly held thought. For this reason the Seven of Swords is often associated with thieves.
If you draw the Seven Of Swords it can indicate stealth and/or avoidance, taking the road less traveled, trickery lies subterfuge and dishonesty, defining personal boundaries, or simply making a decision to think act or behave outside the realm of common thought.

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Anonymous said...

Love this interpretation of the seven of swords! Thanks so much.