Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mourning For Love

Usually I'll never admit to loneliness or despair outright. Instead I'll quietly mourn and act grumpy as hell.
But hey... I'm all for breaking the rules, even my own!
I suppose I can never get enough on those days I'm feeling a little soft... and Mr. Peter Steele may he R.I.P is, was and always will be the best at satisfying my craving for love. Damn I'm sad he's gone from this world.

She's in love with herself
She likes the dark
On her milk white neck
The Devil's mark

Now it's all Hallows Eve.

The moon is full
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will

She's got a date at midnight

With Nosferatu
Oh baby, Lilly Munster.
Ain't got nothing on you

Well when I called her evil

She just laughed
Well cast that spell on me
Boo Bitch Craft

Yeah you wanna go out

'cause it's raining and blowing
You can't go out
'cause your roots are showing

Dye em black

Dye em black

Black black black black No. 1

She dyes em black black black black No. 1

Loving you

Loving you
Love loving you
Was like loving the dead

Black black black black No. 1

She dyes em black
Black black black black No. 1
Black No. 1

Mono Inc.'s song Teach Me To Love is delightfully sad yet optimistic. Hell, I'm such mush. I'll wish I hadn't been so outright tomorrow. Whatever.

I want you to hurt me
But it’s all just a shade of the dark
I’m afraid * Mourning rain
And the one I left behind
I want you to hurt me
But I don’t want to fall in mirage
Plastered grey
Frowning strength
But your faith is what I find
If you teach me to love
If you teach me to breath
I’ll paint the beauty
For all your needs
If you teach me to love
Promise you'll be stronger then
And I’ll burn you with a love that never shades
I want you to hurt me
I’m a casualty of your touch
A pierced dove * All alone
With your crimson venting slow
I want you to hurt me
Cause my pain has drifted away
Blinking calm
But I feel
Dust of salt from down below


KickinAssTakingNames said...

This too, shall pass. And you will burst out of it with a vengeance.

You know what you need? A nice, healthy dose of The Muppet Movie. It cures all.

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

My dear... you are a darling and of course you recognize my pain.... it is a woman thing after all isn't it? :)

Best to you and I will watch it pass and not mourn it again today anyway ;)

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

... and yes, Muppets stand in quite well when chocolate and sex are not available! LOL

FreeFox said...

I only ever watched a few eps of the muppet show, being rerun on some obscure channel on german tv a few years back, but I remember a scene where Kermit tries to have a conversation with that show's star in the front of the changing rooms and his nephew and a few others discover Gonzo's cannon and start shooting themselves through the room in the background... and then you see them running back up the stairs and down the corridor past Kermit and his Star (forgot who it was) to do it again, shouting "Weee"... Man, I laughed so hard I actually fell off the couch.

And Mono Inc is pretty cool. Ta, Camille!
(You know that Miky Mono died a few weeks ago.)

FreeFox said...

Yeah, Miky Mono crashed with a hangglider on Malorca last October. But he's not the lead singer (any more.) I mean, he was a founding member of Mono Inc (like, they got the name from his and all), but he left the band in 2006, and now their frontman and singer is their old drummer Martin Engler, who was the main song writer and stuff anyway. "Teach Me To Love" from "Pain, Love & Poetry" (2008) is already past seperation from Miky Mono.

Still, I thought it fitting for this post, with Steele having died only a few weaks earlier and all...

So, have a nice and gloomy sunday. Hugsies. ^_^