Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Open Letter to Mr. Ignatieff

Mr. Ignatieff

I find you an interesting person and I'm sorry that the conservatives are in control of our country now. It is unfortunate and I hope they do not do irreparable damage to the pride we have in the Canada we have known.

It seems that the timing was not right for you to become a cosmopolitan face for our country. I did not vote for the Liberal Party as I reside in the very NDP riding of Trinity-Spadina and I believe Olivia Chow was and still is the best choice for our riding. As well, I support Jack Layton and many of his ideas.

But I want you to know that if you had become Prime Minister of Canada, I would have felt proud to be a Canadian, instead of ashamed, as I feel now. The insidious conservatives have foiled the masses through a shameless TV smear campaign and consistent use of elusive politi-speak. The Conservative leader is a cold fish, no worse, a snake, and has a deceitful manner and an insidious need to control that borders on personality disorder.

I don't believe he wishes the best for every Canadian. I'm sure he believes himself to be a supreme leader, superior to the average person, and doesn't believe that the Canadian people know what is best for them which is how he justifies his shameful and deceitful behaviour. He may be correct. Canadians don't know what's best for them. I'm only sorry that the conservative leader is smarter than most of us.

When I meet a man like you, although indirectly, that is worldly, humanitarian, intelligent and passionate, I am once again proud to be a fellow citizen of this country. I wish you the best and would like to believe that you will surface again somewhere in the public eye, where you can do some good with your skills and dignified character.

Canada needs people like you. Thank you for doing your best in the past few years for Canada. It has not gone unappreciated.


Camille Crawford

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