Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let Sleeping Bones Lie

I don't have much of intelligence to say. I am really tired. Quite possibly I'm tired spiritually as well as physically. I've been taking on a lot of new things recently and I think its wearing me down.

I know I've been quiet.... but 'hello, I'm not dead.'

Much love from the Corpse Cafe. xo


Vincent said...

Try to take it easy and get some rest. Take comfort in the fact that at least a weary body is easy to deal with and will always help your spirit and motivation. I'm grateful that I have a certain level of physical robustness. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going.

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

Thanks Vincent. My weariness is definitely robust. ;)

Kweeny Todd said...

Glad you're not dead. Just found your site and fell in love with your artwork! Taking downtime is important for the soul.

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

Thank you Kweeny Todd! Glad you stopped by. Proudly Canadian! Woohoo!!!!

but yes, I'm still tired. That was all I had. Downtime continues :(

KickinAssTakingNames said...

Slow down, girl! Gotsta breathe.

I feel like everyone's dragging in some form or another lately. Mine is due to this prolonged heat, which thankfully finally broke so maybe I'll get my mojo back here soon.

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

KATN... yup, for sure its been the heat thats been getting everyone down, including me. Thank the Gods its broken!

Toasting to your mojo!