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Theudo, is a 'blackened' pagan metal band from Belgium. Founding member Jurgen has had an interest in the religious traditions, legends, myths and history of the Germanic cultural realm since he was a young boy and incorporates much of the lore from those times into the lyrics.

Silence Reigned over the Bog from The Silence EP was inspired by the book "Blot: Tro och offer i det förskristna norden” by the Swedish Britt-Mari Näsström as well as an essay by Georges Dumézil. It endeavours to explain the religious background behind the bog bodies that were found in both the Netherlands and Denmark.


Welcome to the bog, where silence reigns
Their existence ends here, it all comes to a halt...

No place for cowards
No tolerance for the feeble
No respect for the unjust
No life for the unworthy

Along this deserted trail
Bordered by pagan idols
They take their final breath
As the noose is tightened

Kill them for Wuotan!
Kill them for Donar!

Feel your life slip away, darkening before your eyes
Feel the chill of the bog, becoming one with you

Welcome to the bog, where silence still reigns
Their existence ended here, it all came to a halt...

Uttergälden from the album The Völsunga Saga was shot in the medieval castle of Beersel, near Brussels and features an excerpt from Andvari's Hoard, a tale from the epic saga of The Völsunga.


Vad är det för fisk
som i floden ränner
kan sig ej för fara frälsa?
Lös du ditt huvud
ur Hels våld
skaffa mig guldets glans

(Which is the fish
That runs throught the flood,
And knows not to guard himself from danger?
Your head,
Ransom it from Hel
And find me the fire of the well.)

Andvare heter jag
Oin hette min fader
i mången fors
jag har farit
En olyckig norna
i urtid bestämde
att jag skulle
i vattnet vada

(Andvari is my name
Oin was my father;
Many a falls have I fared over.
A wretched Norn
Destined in ancient days
That I should wade in water.)

Guld är dig nu givit
och gäldat är dig
mycket för mitt huvud

(With gold you are now paid
And as payment you have
Much for my head.)

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