Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bazaar of the Bizarre

I was at the Bazaar of the Bizarre this past weekend where I met Pamela Williams, Justin Erickson, Goulish Gary, Liisa Ladouceur, and Vincent Marcone.

Here are a few goodies I discovered:

Encyclopedia Gothica by Liisa Ladouceur is, well, an encyclopedia of gothic things,

with illustrations by Gary Pullin (also known as Goulish Gary),

This is the poster he designed for Liisa's book launch which featured one of his drawings from the book.

Auxiliary Magazine is a fashion magazine based out of Buffalo, NY. It features alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. It is available online and in print.

You can read the current issue online for free here.

Plastik Wrap, Auxiliary Magazine's Canadian pundit, features alternative fashion with sleek avant-garde (their words) styles and plenty of darkly delicious (my words) outfits, like this Gateway dress from the PlastikARMY e-boutique

Vincent Marcone, with his creative empire of My Pet Skeleton, was also there. I even bought a print from him.

Pamela Williams does some fine dark art photography of cemetary sculpture. Her work has been featured on the covers of Timothy Finley's book, "Dust to Dust", Margaret Laurence's "Stone Angel", and Carole Corbeil's "In the Wings".

This image of the child leaning on the skull is from her book Death Divine, and is one of my favourites (title unknown as I don't yet have the book). Its available in soft cover for $25 and hardcover special edition for $85.

Bunner's is a 100% vegan & gluten free bakery. I wanted so badly to eat their chocolate fudge cupcakes... >_<;;;

The Bazaar of the Bizarre is a bi-annual marketplace that takes place in Toronto Canada.

Please note: Aside from Auxiliary Magazine, all vendors/artists featured here are from Toronto and surrounding areas!

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