Monday, March 24, 2014

The New Website

Although it is not fully complete, the new website titled The Crow's Fjord is now up and running! The 'design' and 'mythology' sections are not yet complete but you can order a t-shirt or poster from me there! I also have a blog element to accompany the website The Crow's Fjord Blog which will have topics of interest to Norse/Anglo-Saxon design and mythology.

The Crow's Fjord website

I would be glad to hear any feedback regarding the look or functionality of the website, the blog or anything else for the matter. The project is ongoing and I will update the website when I have new material!


The Professor said...

Hey stranger! :) Oooooo, now that's my kind of website. Awesome! Good luck with it, and you know I'll be checking it out.

Camille said...

Hey thanks so much!