Monday, November 29, 2010

Four Five Six Of Wands

Continuing with my exposé of the symbolism of the tarot I began with the Ace Two Three Of Wands are the Four Five and Six of Wands;
On into the night:


The Four Of Wands is about the excitement of maturation. The number four represents a solid structure with four corners, four walls, a square, a box. Something has been created, something is visible, comprehensive, finally. Though this is still the beginning, it is something tangible to be proud of.
If you draw the Four Of Wands is can mean excitement, establishment, maturation, growth, a first stage of completion, friendship, relationship and/or celebration. It can also mean a momentary stillness or awareness.


The Five Of Wands brings the first signs of trouble relating to a venture whether it be a relationship, an activity within a group, or a personal endeavour. The Five Of Wands represents the struggle to maintain balance and can often indicate conflict, although it is seldom a serious conflict. It can also be a form of sparring undertaken to improve ones personal skills.
If you draw the Five Of Wands effort will be expended to solve problems, correct mistakes, debate, improve upon something, and/or resolve a conflict or argument.


The Six Of Wands is about the recognition of achievement. The card is often represented by an image of a hero returning from battle to accolades from fans, friends and family. The Six Of Wands brings this recognition to some action that has been completed successfully. There is a sense of harmony and balance along with the pride of achievement.
If you draw the Six Of Wands there will be cause for jubilation, good interaction with others, pride, harmony, achievement, and/or cooperation.

These images are from The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo, well known for his Gothic illustrations and music (Nox Arcana).


Christopher Courtley said...

Beautiful cards. I will definitely purchase the Gothic Tarot next. Incidentally, I just happened to get the Four of Wands as the outcome in a reading and your explanation has clarified something for me. Thank you!

Ms Corpse Cafe said...

Hey Christopher. I'm glad it helped. Yes, Joseph Vargo's illustrations are particularly 'gothic' looking and for the most part convey the symbolism well. Are you familiar with his music, Nox Arcana? It too is expertly 'gothic'. He has definitely devoted his life to gothic art and done so very well.
Incidentally, I'm working on the Four Of Wands in my own deck. It's interesting how many interpretations of this card I've seen, some say it is particularly about relationships because of the Pamela Coleman Smith image of a man and a woman holding hands. I'd definitely say it has a strong element of personal interaction between people. Another intrepretation I've seen, again originating from the Coleman-Smith image is that of parties and excitement, perhaps because of the garlands displayed between two wands. Personally I feel the four is more about bringing two '2's together, which brings more than one person into the picture and the fact that something solid gets created during this action, making it visible for perhaps the first time. This likely would be interpreted as an exciting event though!