Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Dark Mountain Project

It's been so long yeah... I know. But I finally have something to say here. Deal with it.

My anxieties have always led me to believe there is something very wrong with everything we humans have been doing. My first memories of this anxiety were regarding religion. Why were we sinners? How could we be bad right from the start? At ten years of age, I couldn't make sense of this. So I set it aside. Later, in my teens, I did not understand why we were so separated from the rest of the world. We were animals too, or so I was taught in high school. What was so wrong with nature that we had to 'master' it? Why were we so separate from it? Why was 'dirt' so dirty? Why were weeds bad? They were just plants weren't they? In some circles they were just plants; not bad. Wasn't killing off all the buffalo a bad idea? There were no more carrier pigeons anywhere in the world. They were gone forever.
Then in my twenties while I was in college and beginning to have great philosophical conversations with my peers I wondered how society could believe that the 'economy' was more important than vanishing buffalo or the havoc we were wreaking on the environment.

So yeah, I was naive. Sure. I'm all grown up now. I have been for a while. I stepped back and let it go. But go it never has. It has always been there. This question; if we are part of nature, how come it doesn't feel like we are part of nature? Why do I feel that humans are going down the wrong path, that we are going to destroy ourselves and the planet along with us?

Deep. I decided to go organic. I decided to do my part. It's taken me years to acheive just a little bit of feeling like I'm doing the right thing.

I also chose to devote myself to dark art as a way to provide some balance. I think darkness is something to embrace, not avoid. What aren't we looking at? Why are those anxieties telling me? Where are they pointing? I really don't believe we (humans) are flawed, sinners out of the start gate. How does half the population of America vote for a man that represents the very anti-social qualities causing our mass anxiety? You see I know I'm not alone. I hear the murmurs, the restlessness, the shouts of women and scientists and suppressed peoples around the world. Yeah. So this preamble to rambling on a bit.

What I wanted to say here is that I think this Dark Mountain Project might be pointing a finger at the place I couldn't quite put a finger on for so many years. It's worth a look... The Manifesto

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