Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

A 'year ahead' forecast with one of my new decks The Ostara Tarot:

At first I was very excited by this deck. It is named after one of the Goddesses of Norse Mythology, the Goddess of spring. I ordered it a few weeks ago along with The Wild Unknown and the Mary El.

Today's reading with The Ostara Tarot Deck revealed a 'mixing' of cultural and/or spiritual influences in the imagery of the cards which is generally frowned upon in my heathen worldview. For example, that card up there in the far top right corner is number 20 in the major arcana, or Judgement, and is generally represented by an angel with spread wings and two people rising from coffins. In the Ostara deck, a Valkyrie descends (hovers?) above two warriors. Both the Valkyrie and the warriors are Norse mythological icons and could be good representations of the Judgement card as a liberating force, but The Ostara Tarot muffles the clarity of the card's meaning by sandwiching two mythologies together; a crown of Anubis sits atop her head, Anubis being the gatekeeper of the underworld in Egyptian mythology. In Norse mythology, Valkyries do visit dying warriors and are often glorified by those warriors. The Valkyries however represent a specific type of afterlife, that found in Odin's Hall in Asgard, Valhalla. It is specifically for warriors who die in glorious battle. Having a Valkyrie represented by Anubis is disturbing.

I still like the deck. The tarot has been transiting the globe for many years now and there is bound to be some 'crossing over' of influences. As for my 'year ahead' it looks to be without the struggle, and hence the glory, of other years. Last year was fabulous in that I started many new things. I finished renovating the first home I've ever owned. I got a fence put up around my new 1.6 acre property. I got a barn built. I started a new business with a partner. I made a best friend. I met many new people in the new village I now dwell in. I made changes and more changes.

The coming year looks like it will be about making decisions on a more permanent scale. Strength, Temperance, and The World are representing my foundations. There will be changes but there is also a sense of letting go and a sharper focus on what is good. There may still be much anxiety though. Much is still new.

After seeing this spread, I asked 'What will I keep and what will I let go of?' This is also a question that is in keeping with my new year's resolution to reduce the number of 'interests' I have been pursuing this past year. I got sheep, I started carding and spinning their fibres, I started growing microgreens and vegetables and herbs for market, I knitted hats and sold them, sewed bags and sold them, made quilts, took up the tarot again (bought new decks), I've been considering reading professionally for the public, I painted a little and drew a little, but ran out of time and I already had a mead making enterprise on the go, two websites in the process of being built, a tarot deck design started and two more in the works. I have yet to hand a picture in my house (although I have many scattered around) or finish unpacking my office and bedroom. My garage / workshop is in a state of chaos. And I also took up an exercise regime that involves riding my 'indoor' bike 30 minutes 3 times a week! This was the answer:
I see balance at the top. This is good. I very desperately need that. Working down from the top I see some juggling, so I will keep more than one focus. The Emperor suggests that my mini empire is steadfast. I'm liking that. Jumping down to the base of the pyramid I see the 8 of swords and the Hermit, along with some competition and conflict and some great balance of energy. Temperance makes another appearance and is between 7 coins and The Heirophant. I recall recently thinking that I needed intellectual stimulation. I think The Heirophant is telling me to take some free online university courses! I know this is not letting go exactly, but it is providing balance, so it stays. Conflict and struggle I had with family (hadn't even mentioned that) I can let go of that. The Hermit, I can likely let him go to. I have less need for privacy perhaps. I see the 7 coins as the 'farm', the planting of seeds, literally and the cultivation of the farm which doesn't show huge results. It is just something necessary and needed. The Queen of Wands is quite likely my artistic career. A keeper. There is still some emotional adjusting needed before I really 'get' this new life and the 3 of wands tells me that I am to keep at the planning of it. The Page of Coins suggests great physical and spiritual effort will be exerted. Still, perhaps I'll have to meditate on the rest. Happy New Year!

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