Saturday, November 27, 2010

Agnosticism vs Atheism

I would say that both agnosticism and atheism are beliefs. Neither is scientifically provable, right? Well, perhaps the only provable thing would be atheism because scientifically there is proof that no proof exists. LOL

I consider myself an agnostic due to my strong spiritual nature. I can't deny that it is a part of my life but I'm reluctant to attribute it to anything specific such as Hell Evil God or Goddess. I have no qualms about God though because I don't believe the Christian Bible was written by God. I believe it was written by men. And I'm fiercely opposed to the word of those men and the effect it has had on the people of the world; the wars the genocide and the psychological and physical torture committed in the name of God. It almost makes one want to commit to Hell to express ones wrath over such atrocities. So perhaps the real debate would be about what truth is the argument based upon?

If you haven't already seen this site its a good place to find some definitions

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Vincent said...

On the subject of religion and belief I often find what gives me the most peace of mind is the view that everyone is a mix of beliefs (whether they realize it or not). I think much conflict is created when people try to force themselves into a certain category for the sake of creating the feeling of security and clarity. I believe that to be human means to be in a constant state of change and stubbornly trying to resist that only leads to problems.