Monday, November 22, 2010

Coffin Ring

Here I am doing one of my favourite things... drinking coffee. But wait! I don't have my ring on... I took a picture cause I want to show you my new Coffin Ring:

Just got it today. It was made by a guy who calls himself Lee Spicedragon. He does custom work and is very into the symbolism he uses in his work. This ring is the third of a limited edition of 3 so there won't be anymore made. He calls it the Ring of the Morrigan...  it is a coffin made of Rainbow (black) obsidian set in sterling silver. The stone is 30 x 11 x 7 mm set with 9 skulls on one side representing the triple trinity and the other side is a Raven or Crow for the goddess Morrigan. The trinity is the keystone of nature, life or actions and faith the all inclusive theme binding Celtic tradition and ceremony as in the Goddess represented as virgin, mother and crone.
As quoted by Mr. Spicedragon:

The Morrigan were a trio of Celtic goddesses or more a trinity of aspects of one goddess that had the power to affect war, death, and sovereignty. They were invoked for passing over rituals (death rituals), fertility, and all forms of magic, as well as Necromancer rituals such as speaking with the dead, along with song and music. I guess this is why it is said:
"God must love the Irish, a whole dam race gone mad, for all their wars are happy, and all their songs are sad."

I actually ran into him on Flickr, but you can find him and his wonderful work here.

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