Sunday, March 20, 2011

Devil doll - Dies irae - Part 10 and 11

For those of you that have never heard of him Mr. Doctor is Devil Doll. This is the most beautiful intense and brilliant Gothic music you'll ever listen to. 

There are many more parts to Dies Irae. He tends to release his albums in long recordings of up to an hour or longer with the composition rising and falling at intervals. If you search for 'Devil Doll' on Google or Youtube be sure to type in 'Mr. Doctor' as well because there is another band from the USA that calls themselves Devil Doll which has a woman singer and they are quite popular. But Mr. Doctor himself is from Italy, I believe, although most of his music lyrics are in English. He's just brilliant. A genius and recluse as far as I understand.

From the unofficial Devil Doll fansite:
Information about the entity known as "Devil Doll" is a purposely well kept secret. "Devil Doll" is the name of an Italian (Ex-Yugoslavian) band created in 1987 by a mysterious figure known only as Mr. Doctor: The mysterious mastermind of "Devil Doll". During the past two decades he has been releasing his work exclusively to a small scale of loyal fans, and those in the know. All of his albums comprise a varied mixture of Classical, Theatrical, Gothic, Avantgarde, Symphonic Rock Music, Progressive Rock, et cetera. Not only is Mr. Doctor a musical genius, he has also made 3 films & composed the scores for each film, most of which are still unreleased to this day. There are also over 900 minutes from the "Dies Irae" recording sessions still unreleased to this day. Whether or not this vast treasure of rare material will ever see the light of day still remains to be seen, but we can hope. Mr. Doctor is also responsible for the "Devil Doll" artwork of the album covers & the various album liner artwork. Mr. Doctor seems to prefer that the works of "Devil Doll" be somewhat difficult to obtain. He has reportedly burned many of the debut "Devil Doll" LP's simply to reduce the stock. The debut 1987 Devil Doll project entitled "The Mark of the Beast" was only released as a single copy & has never been repressed. Many Devil Doll projects such as: "Mr. Doctor sings Hanns Eisler", "The Carnival of Souls", "The Fall of the House of Usher (Soundtrack)" & "The Day of Wrath (Soundtrack)" also still have never been released. Many of the ultra rare club releases are next to impossible to obtain due to how extremely limited they were. "Devil Doll" albums are still fairly difficult to obtain unless you know exactly where to look for them. The music of Devil Doll is quite arduous to describe, so if your interests are piqued and you would like to know more about the mystery of "Devil Doll" you'll really need to find their albums and judge for yourself...

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