Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Wild Hunt


from the JoMA Archives, an article by Ari Berk and Willliam Spytma referencing the folklore of the phenomena of the wild hunt in the Dartmoor area titled Penance, Power, and Pursuit: On the Trail of the Wild Hunt, (thank you Terri Windling for the link!) states:

Even in Winter, you are not safe. Stay indoors, attend your hearths. Try to keep the night at bay by the telling of your tongue. Remember your kin, honor your ancestors. For at this time the dead begin to stir, riding upon hallowed and familiar roads, galloping through villages and wastes, flying through the forests of the mind. Such raids are reminders that the past is not a dead thing, but may return, like a hunter, to follow us for a time.

 Being in Canada, there is little mention, or memory of the Wild Hunt in the local folklore. In fact there is hardly any folklore. But I miss thinking about it. So this is a reminder for me. The past may visit while the nights are long, don't let these riders take you far from home or come spring you'll wake up miles from home.

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