Monday, March 15, 2021

Logic's Child is not Real

These are just some thoughts I had about becoming a death doula, which coincidentally fit really well here!

There is a whole cult of logic worshipers out there, destined to meet their end. I'll be there waiting for them.
~death doula

A Death Doula for the living, in the process of letting go, or dying to an outmoded model of reality that we have shared for a long long time. A new story emerges here. The story of the end of the purely rational, of logic alone in the world, as it meets its expansion and inclusion into oneness, again.


The basis of all life is thought to be a triangle. This is the irrationality of nature. Logic is linear. Logic resides within life and defines life, but is not life itself. It is a part of life.

The basis of life, however, is a circle. There is no beginning and no end. But! in the triangle, there are three basic points to reference what life is for thought to process, or cycle through. Getting out of linearity helps to make sense.

I am reinventing the wheel here. The categories of life that we often play roles in, such as work and leadership, or vocation, love and relationships, spirituality, finances et, are of little concern in the new paradigm. Creativity requires a new pattern to emerge that may or may not include these roles. I'm sure that family and relationships will be a major part of the new and emerging patterns, but domestic bubbles, and nuclear families may not.

Finances, money and work will all change or morph into various types of self expression fulfilling needs on some new level which is still relational, but not isolated from those relationships.

Spirituality and science will stop chasing each other's tails, but will inform each other in ever new ways.

Value will no longer be defined by universal consensus, but be self determined as well as be a part of a sorting process that generates and regenerates cycles and groupings into and out of formation in a more fluid manner.

Life will be seen in a broader three dimensional space rather than in fixed and static points. There will cease to be a point. To anything. Instead there will be a perspective on a broader whole. At least three points of reference will define every view, micro and macro, self and other. People will reference two of those points from within themselves; the past and the present. The third will be in a direction that is neither of the others.

How we determine value will be based on quality rather than quantity, which will be a method of propulsion that does not require force. All the qualities in nature are necessary.

We've already been in a period of broadening diversity. Units of measurement are unnecessary for our survival and fulfillment and to sustain ecosystems. Ecosystems will sustain themselves, as they have always done. We will learn how to not interfere, face our fears and not only survive, but thrive, along with everything else. We won't need to monitor or manipulate this process. We dance with it.

Much more liberty and freedom will be available to all sovereign forms, including plant, mineral, animal.

What we don't know we ask. And then we listen.

Value judgements on qualities will cease to exist, or be of any importance in a central way, except to those units who choose them, or deem them necessary to their function. ie child development.


It's a good day to die! (which means live as if every moment may be your last)

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